Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Surge in older women seeking IVF

The British Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority reported that here has been a huge rise in demand for fertility treatment among women in their forties.

The BBC News reports that Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority figures show last year there were 6,174 treatment cycles among women aged 40-45 using their own eggs.In 1991, the comparable figure was just 596 cycles.

check out the data below (source BBC)

Women aged 40: 210 treatment cycles
Women aged 41: 153
Women aged 42: 115
Women aged 43: 55
Women aged 44: 44
Women aged 45: 19
Women aged 40: 2,288 treatment cycles
Women aged 41: 1,605
Women aged 42: 1,070
Women aged 43: 682
Women aged 44: 358
Women aged 45: 171
All forms of fertility treatment using own fresh eggs or frozen embryos

Of course this number does not surprise us since we have been observing the same phenomenon in the US. The surge in demand for fertility treatments by older patients is to be put in relation to changing demographics as a consequence of baby boomers
getting older . By definition the last baby boomers were born in 1964 and they are now 43 year old. the next generational wave is of much smaller dimension. these numbers will not change until 20012 according to demographers.

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