Saturday, April 30, 2011

Myth: You Cannot Pursue Treatment and Consider Yourself a Believer/Religious

Interesting article on  here are few highlights:

 his myth plays out in two ways. One is that accepting help or treatment somehow implies a lack of faith in God. As if infertility is a sign from God that you are not worthy of carrying a pregnancy or becoming a parent, and therefore, finding and accepting help is wrong.

The other way this myth plays out is that fertility treatments are religiously unacceptable, specifically IVF. Some religious groups believe that conception should never occur outside of the body, or they fear that embryos will be destroyed or indefinitely frozen.
This is especially a problem for fertility challenged Catholics, and for Christians who oppose intentional destruction or freezing of embryos.


No one really knows what God thinks, and bad things happen to good people for reasons we do not understand. No one can say whether what happens is "meant to be" or not.
Accepting fertility treatment is no different than accepting help for any other medical problem. If you would accept herbs, drugs, or medical treatment for your non-fertility problems, there's no logical reason to turn it away for infertility. Remember that Rachel of the Bible took a fertility herb of her time.
There are options for fertility treatment that may help avoid whatever religious or ethical problems you have. Remember that 85 to 90% of infertile couples can be treated with drugs, surgery, or other low tech treatments, and IVF may not even be necessary.

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