Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lesley Brown, mother of first IVF baby, Louise Brown dies.

She was 64 year old. I guess we  could say this sad moment marks the change of an era.
32 years ago   scientists held their breath as they waited for news of the world's first test tube baby. When Louise Brown was born - so was IVF treatment. The doctor who gave us Louise Brown recalled looking at her in the Petri dish, and said, she was beautiful then and she’s beautiful now.”

Today, more than three million babies have been born around the world thanks to the technology which was pioneered in Britain.and Louise Brown has a baby of her own.

If you have an interest in the  history of the science of IVF i strongly recommend you watch the NPR documentary about another  famous IVF story : the story of  Doris Del-Zio , who could have  been the first woman in the world to conceive a baby through in vitro fertilization or IVF.

But things went differently.......... after the embryos were created ,  the  chairman of the Department of  OB/GYN at Columbia, Raymond Vande Wiele, went into the embryology lab at night and destroyed the embryos because he was afraid of the possible repercussions . This would have been the first IVF baby ever!


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