Monday, August 27, 2012

cd4/cd8 ratio and miscarriage , abortion

 It is difficult to make a general statement without looking at the subgroups. But  one study suggests that an increased ration ( cd4 increased and cd8 decreased) may be indicative of an increased risk of miscarriage.

"A significantly higher CD4/CD8 ratio was found in the postabortion group in relation to the control group (1.65 vs. 1.24) (P = .01). Women with pregnancy complications in their next pregnancy had a lower absolute value for total lymphocytes (P = .02), T lymphocytes (P = .04), absolute CD8 lymphocytes (P = .01) and percentage of CD8 lymphocytes (P = .02) and a higher percentage of CD4 lymphocytes (P = .03) and higher CD4/CD8 ratio (P = .02) than women who had not experienced any pregnancy complications."
Women with previous spontaneous abortions have a tendency to have an immunologic profile expected in a rejection phenomenon with an increased cd4/cd8 profile.

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