Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Recent Pregnancy Rates at our center.

As many people ask I am reporting the recent pregnancy outcomes at AFS. Please remember that the rates reported here represent ongoing pregnancy rates . Delivery rates are, of course, not yet available , and will, as always, be reported to and through the national CDC and SART databases. Clinical pregnancy rates are reported with reference point embryo transfer (pregnancy rate/embryo transfer) and not cycle start, meaning that only patients who reach embryo transfer are counted.

Please note delivery rates can be anticipated to be  lower than ongoing pregnancy rates, since additional pregnancy losses can be expected. 
It's important to note that  our approach to fertilty is to do less before more and that the majority of our patient conceive without undergoing IVF.  Only the patient that fail all other treatments undergo IVF.  This approach selects the most difficult cases.
Contrary to what most centers do , we do not  any type of patient selection. Patients with very abnormal FSH levels who have been rejected by other centers have been able to cycle with us. This approach means that in the end our overall pregnancy rates in the past have  been  lower than in centers who practice patient selection. I have never cared about this as i always prefer to do the right thing  for the patient rather  than withdrawing treatment  for my self interest . nevertheless i am proud of these results that will be updated fequently

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