Saturday, December 10, 2005

Does rest after intrauterine insemination help?

I was always doubtful of this and patient frequently ask me the question. So I did a little search and found this interesting article:

A randomized study of the effect of 10 minutes of bed rest after
intrauterine insemination

Objective: To evaluate the effects of 10
minutes of
bed rest after intrauterine insemination (IUI) on the pregnancy
Design: Prospective randomized study.

Intervention(s): Patients were
prospectively randomized
either to immediate mobilization after IUI (group
I) or to remain in a supine
position for 10 minutes after the procedure
(group II).

Main Outcome
Measure(s): Cumulative pregnancy rate.

Result(s): Ninety-five couples
were included in the analysis. Group
I consisted of 40 couples (90 cycles), and
group II consisted of 55 couples
(120 cycles). The pregnancy rate per couple in
group I (4 of 40 [10%]) was
significantly lower than in group II (16 of 55
[29%]). The pregnancy rate
per cycle in group I (4.4%) was also lower than in
group II (13.3%). With
use of life-table analysis, the cumulative probability of
pregnancy in group
II was significantly higher than in group I.

Conclusion(s): A 10-minute
interval of bed rest after IUI has a positive
effect on the pregnancy rate.

Although it is only one study it is pretty convincing . Additionally it does not seem much of a sacrifice to wait for an additional 10 minutes after having waited for 2 hours in the doctor's waiting room!

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